Introduction to Fortune Telling

Fortune telling is an art of predicting future information about a person’s life. Almost everybody has been brought up believing that he or she has a purpose in this life. This belief has taken root among many as they grow up knowing that they were born for a reason. People are ever concerned about their future. The desire to determine the likelihood of something happening in one’s life has paved way to acceptability of fortune telling. The idea that fortune is fated has made many restless in trying to know their purpose in this life.

At Fortune Telling HQ we will answer your questions about fortune telling. You may be wondering if fortune telling is real or for entertainment purposes only? Who are fortune tellers and what type of information do they provide? What are the tools they use to see into the future or the past? Can anyone develop these skills? Where can one buy items such as crystal balls, tarot cards,I Ching coins or a Magic 8 Ball?

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History of Fortune Telling

Let’s dive right in. The invention of fortune telling can be traced back to the ancient precognitive psychic reading. Although many people may question the integrity and accuracy of fortune telling, techniques possessed by its predecessor have proved beyond doubt that fortune telling is real. General fortune telling involves the use of spiritual props in deducing important information about future events. The information received is very important especially to those it concerns; it tells more about what is yet to take place. In the past, fortune tellers were regarded as prophets and they were instrumental in foretelling the proper planting time, likelihood of conquering enemies during wars and other aspects of life that needed timely response prior to their occurrence.

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Traditionally fortune telling was considered similar to divination. The difference is that divination is directly linked to religious rituals while fortune telling is a less serious or formal setting. In Europe and America, fortune telling is often considered a sin and it is also against some legal law and the reason fortune telling practice is forbidden for certain areas of Europe and America. Fortune telling can be further divided into many categories like palmistry, numerology, astrology, I Ching, tea leaf reading  and many more. According to history, women are more interested in fortune telling than men. There are certain cases when women maintain long time relationship with their fortune tellers. Numerous celebrities and world leaders have also been known to consult psychics and astrologists. Who among us has not read their horoscope at least once?

Many people who seek general fortune telling expect to receive explicit answers about their existence. For instance fortune tellers use tarot cards in predicting what to expect from your romantic partner even before you start dating him or her.

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In modern society, many people seek love and long term relationships and they have found themselves at the doorsteps of fortune tellers ans psychics. Before matching your life with someone’s, fortune tellers use their skills to forecast and determine your chances of finding your perfect partner. While many people are more concerned about knowing what to expect from the relationship and partner as well there are those who find this amusing and play around with the readings but they later they see what was foretold before them. Like psychics and clairvoyants, skilled love fortune tellers are highly sought after for predicting the future.

Most people love to reveal mysteries behind their lives. Most people love to know about their future; either it will be good or bad. It is not possible to fulfill all desire and few people spend their lives knowing the actual meaning of their life. However, today there are plenty of sources here at Fortune Telling HQ through which you can get information about fortune telling.

Tools of the Trade

Future tellers use different techniques and tools to foresee the future. As we have already discussed, fortune telling has several methods and it is hardly possible to master all methods closely. This is the reason why each fortune teller has mastered one of the arts for deducing character of the person and life patterns.

One of the future telling techniques is palmistry.  Palm readers are common in every community and culture and several methods are available for palm reading.  The people expert in palm reading are known as palmists. Most modes of general fortune reading involve palm reading.  It may not yet make sense to you but those with skills find a lot of connection between your palm and your future.

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Another popular method for fortune telling is astrology. It is related to phenomenon and events occurring in the world and the cosmic universe. Through this art, astrologers can predict the future of a person and explain their personality. Astrology art is directly linked to planetary objects.

Clairvoyance is also a popular method used by the fortune tellers. The technique perceives information about a person by using psychic abilities. Few people relate this art with supernatural power. We are not sure about the scientific process behind the concept. It may be taken as ability of connecting to the brain waves of other person.

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Today, numerology has also become popular among young generation. In this method, numbers are used for predicting future of a person. Your birth date and time of birth are two significant factors for numerology method.

One of the most popular forms of predicting the future is tarot card reading. Tarot is a form of divination using a set of specially decorated cards. Its’ first recognized appearance was in medieval France in 1390.

There are many other areas of fortune telling. We welcome you to dive in and explore Fortune Telling HQ to discover the deep magical world of fortune telling.

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