What Is Bibliomancy?

One of the most user friendly, yet least used, methods of fortune telling is also the most interesting. Bibliomancy is the method of using books as a means for divination. In many cases, Bibliomancy uses sacred books to divulge the future but this isn’t always the case. In fact, almost any book can be used as long as the diviner has the wherewithal to interpret the meanings of the “chosen” book passage or verse.

Bibliomancy has been used to remove negative entities and divine the future for centuries and it’s first recorded use was in the 1700’s while rumors tell of it being used effectively many years before that. The etymology of the word shows that it comes from the Latin biblio, for book and mancy, for divination by means of.
What Do I Need to Get Started?

How To Practice Bibliomancy

To practice Bibliomancy, one simply needs to have a book; as mentioned earlier, a sacred book is not required although they are commonly used in this practice. As long as the book is believed to hold truth, then that book will suffice for all practical purposes of divining the future this way.

The book is balanced on its spine and then allowed to fall open. The diviner closes his or her eyes and reaches to the book, placing their finger on a passage or verse. This passage is what is used for the divination method and the passage will then be translated into what the diviner believes to be the future events for which they were searching.

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Is Bibliomancy Hard to Practice?

As you see, there is no special training, practice or tools needed to divine the future using these methods. This is what makes Bibliomancy so effective and so easy to use. If you possess a book of truths and you have an acute mind to decipher the meaning of the passage and how it correlates to someone’s life, you could begin using Bibliomancy as you fortune telling method.

With Bibliomancy, there is no right or wrong as it is solely based on the individual interpretation of the user. With the ability to use almost any book and with everyone receiving a different interpretation of the chosen passage, there could be many thousands of different ways to tell the future with Bibliomancy.

Give Bibliomancy a try today and see what you come up with; I assure you, it will enlighten you and teach you something about yourself that you may not have already known.


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