Clairvoyance for Fortune Telling

The term clairvoyance is a relative one that pertains to the ability of what’s often been known as “clear-sightedness” and can be defined as the paranormal ability to see either people or events in a distant time or space or to foretell future events or happenings to ones-self. The word clairvoyance comes from French and can be broken down into two parts; clair meaning clear and voyance meaning vision.


Can Clairvoyance Tell the Future?

The ability to “see” a person or event in another place when or before it is happening is a deep seated form of extra sensory perception, or ESP, and has been widely regarded as a useful tool in aiding investigative forces find missing people or objects. Clairvoyance is also extremely helpful in telling the future and knowing what will happen before it happens.

Although many claims of clairvoyance have not been scientifically supported, many law enforcement officials and military organizations all over the world regard it highly and to much acclaim. Clairvoyance can be separated into three main classes and various other subclasses. The three main classes are retrocognition, premonition and the perception of things that are currently happening yet still outside the realm of normal perception.

As a useful tool for divining the future, clairvoyance is very effective and can often be used much more quickly than conventional divination methods. The clairvoyant often does not need to be in a meditative state as “visions” will present themselves to the clairvoyant almost instantly and at any time without regard for surroundings or situation. This particular feature of clairvoyance is what makes it extremely attractive to those who want to tell others’ fortunes more accurately and with more visual impact.

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Clairvoyance and Science

Science has tested the effectiveness of clairvoyance and, to them, the results are inconclusive. Still, they do admit that the percentage of test studies performed that accurately described a place or event was much higher than their “by chance” test levels and there was something more to it that most people cannot fully grasp. Having extra sensory perception is a gift that should not be taken lightly as it can be used to help many people from all walks of life. Can clairvoyance be used to divine next week’s lottery numbers? Probably not, but it can tell you what will happen to the person that does win the lottery and that is what’s more important in the end.


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