The Ancient Art of Dowsing

The world of fortune telling is often riddled with myth, controversy and rumors. In reality, fortune telling is very real and has been used successfully for hundreds of years as a way to know future events and happenings. There is much more to fortune telling than what you see in mass media and on television. The media will let you believe that is a gypsy sitting at a table with a crystal ball before her and she speaks, almost unintelligibly, to you about your future and anything else you want to know. Although this may be the case with many fortune tellers and divination experts, there are other methods that can be used to find out what will happen tomorrow, next week or well into the future for both you and me.

dowsing rods

One such way is dowsing, using a tool to locate ground water, buried metals or ores, oil and even grave sites. Dowsing is where the original term, divining, came from and has also been called many other things such as water witching when used to find ground water for wells and doodle bugging in the oil industry to find hidden deposits of oil under the Earth’s surface.

Dowsing and it’s Early Origins

Dowsing originated in Germany during the early 15th century and has been a very useful tool ever since. Dowsing can be used to find oil or ground water or to tell the future of an individual or someone they love. The diviner uses a tool known as a divining rod or, in German, a Wünschelrute or fortune rod. The fortune rod is usually a Y- or L-shaped twig or rod and is held by the dowser as he or she walks across the area to be divined. It can also be used across various personal articles to tell that person’s fortune. A popular instrument for this is the pendulum.

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Dowsing and the Oil Industry

Possessing the ability to tell fortunes or find oil in a barren field takes time and the ability to have a very acute sense of focus so that the dowser can “read” what the rod is telling him. The rod itself will make very minute movements, some almost imperceptible to the human eye, indicating what the dowser is looking for.

Dowsing has been used very successfully to find ground water for wells and many people in the oil industry swear by it and won’t use anything else to find locations to dig their wells. I even saw my gardener using dowsing rods one day to find a break in the sprinkler lines! Although dowsing originated hundreds of years ago, it is still being widely used today with great effect and the support of the psychic community.


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