Ouija Boards, Not Just For the Dead

We have all seen, used or maybe even owned a Ouija board at some time or another in our lives and maybe it was just used for fun at a slumber party or as a way to gain access to the spirit world at a séance, but the importance of the Ouija board and it’s ritualistic use is important and cannot be denied. A Ouija board is not just for contacting a loved one who has passed or any other person who may be dead, a Ouija board can be used to accurately tell the future and has been used as a fortune telling device for thousands of years.

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What is A Ouija Board?

The Ouija board is also sometimes known as a spirit board as it can allow users access to the spirit world where they can communicate with the dead. The board is marked with all of the letters of the alphabet, the numbers 0-9 and certain words such as hello, yes and no. More elaborate Ouija boards will often have graphics, symbols and may even contain phrases that can be useful for the communication with the spirits or divination of the future.

How Do I Use It?

To use the Ouija board, the participants will all place their fingers on a small heart shaped piece of wood known as a plachette. This is what indicates the message or messages that the users are trying to divine. Ouija board can be a very effective tool for telling the future as it consults the full power of the spirit world.

Using Ouija Board

Considered occult by some or a harmless board game by others, Ouija boards did not receive mainstream public appeal until used in World War I as a divining tool. The fact that it was used by government officials with some extent of accuracy is what engendered people to take sides either for or against the boards. Those who were against them because of fear and a lack of understanding, while those who were for them, realized their full potential and were able to use them as a means of fortune telling.

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While the Ouija board has been much maligned over the years, the fact remains true that the Ouija board is a very effective tool used by the fortune telling world and it does not require much in the way of training or trance-like meditative states to be able to use one. Simply pick up a quality Ouija board, get some people together and start divining the future.

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Classic spirit-world game lets you ask questions and get answers
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