For many, the term Scrying is very unfamiliar although the art of scryingis widely known to all. Scrying has also been called seeing, peeping or gazing, but Webster’s defines it as is a magic practice that involves seeing things supernaturally in a medium, usually for purposes of divination or fortune-telling. To put it more succinctly, scrying is using a crystal ball to tell the future. Does either of these definitions truly scratch the surface of the ancient are of Scrying? I would have to say no, but let me explain.

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Scrying, or seeing, is a very ancient art that has been used for thousands of years as a way to divine the future. It isn’t an act of magic and it doesn’t always involve a crystal ball. In fact, scryers may use a stone, a crystal or even a pool of water to tell the future, as long as the object is smooth and shiny. A scryer would stare into the object and be able to reveal a person’s future, find lost objects and even track missing persons. Scryers have been very helpful in finding lost items by giving a close proximity to the item’s whereabouts. The reason I say close is because the term scrying comes from an old English word “descry” which means to make out dimly. For this reason, the scryer can be very beneficial in revealing the future or finding lost items or people but cannot place an exact location or event on the divination.

How Do I Scry?

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Scrying is most often done at night when psychic activity and interruption is at a lull. This way, the scryer can better see the events unfold in the object being used. After the visions are seen, the scryer must then meditate on those visions to understand what they truly mean and be able to interpret them in a way that can be understood by all.

True scrying isn’t what the media has made it out to be. The gypsy fortune tellers in movies and at carnivals have done nothing but harm the image of the scryer. Scrying isn’t a dark art or something along the lines of the occult, it is essentially the art of being able to focus your mind on something and use that focus as a basis for the powers deep inside us to reveal hidden thoughts and meanings in today’s life.

Can Anyone Use Scrying?

One cannot grab a crystal ball or other shiny object and start seeing the future, it’s much more than that. Scrying works with your already tuned psychic abilities and takes them to the next level. By allowing your mind to tune out everything else, you can focus much more and be able to “see” the images in the crystal or stone. By being able to focus better and see more, you can successfully create a vision for your mind that can then be interpreted and told.

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In summary, scrying is an ancient art that enables one to see future events and even record past history that may have an effect on what will happen next in someone’s life.

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