Using a Tea Cup to Read Fortunes

Using a Tea Cup to Read Fortunes

One of the most popular and easy methods of divination, or fortune telling, has got to be using a tea cup. It could be any tea cup from the standard to the more ornate and specialized; the process is what’s important here. In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the various tea cups and methods used to divine the future from a simple pour of calming, revitalizing tea.

Two basic methods

There are two basic methods of getting ready to read the fortune using a tea cup. Although both involve pouring a cup of hot tea, the similarities end there. In the first and most common method, the tea is poured into the cup without the use of a tea strainer and then just poured out without much fanfare. This method is common for professional readers as they would otherwise be drinking copious amounts of tea on a daily basis.

The second method, which is much preferred by the person whose fortune is being told, involves pouring the hot tea into a cup, again without the use of a strainer, and then the reader will swirl the tea until finally drinking it down. This is the method that is preferred by customers as it includes more steps that give the perception of a connection between the reader and the tea itself.

Both of the above methods are commonly used when using a tea cup to read fortunes and both methods are correct, it just depends of the reader or diviner do the reading. Whichever method is used, the next step is the most important. Now, the person reading the tea has the task of deciphering the various shapes left in the bottom of the tea cup. These shapes all have their own meanings and they can range from simple ones like circles and hearts, to more difficult to indicate symbols such as mountains, snakes and a house.

Just as the methods and symbols play an important role in the divining process, the tea cup itself has its own individual importance that must not be overlooked. The color, shape and symbolism of the cup itself play a part in the proper telling of one’s fortune. The cup used should be lighter in color so the shapes become more visible especially in the dimly lit room where diviners perform their craft. It is even believed that as the remaining tea creates a swirl pattern, the farthest future is revealed in the center of the spiral; for this reason, a white or light colored cup should be used.

There are countless numbers of cups that a fortune teller will use, some of which have been passed down for centuries through their families. The three most common types are zodiac cups, playing card cups and symbol cups.

Zodiac cups contain planetary symbols on the inside of the cups with astrological symbols arranged on the saucer. This is not set in stone and the cups and saucers do tend to change based on the manufacturer. It’s the placement of the symbols that are important and enable the reader to tell the future using a combination of astrology and tasseography.

Here are some beautiful Chinese Small Kungfu Tea Porcelain Chinese Zodiac Tea Cups

Symbol cups are the easiest to use as they contain all of the important symbols that can be found and used to tell the future in tasseography right on the cup. These sets of tea cup often come with an instructional booklet and are perfect for beginners. As with the aforementioned cups, symbol cups have the symbols printed in the inside of the cups for the reader to see and use for divination.

There are many different ways that you can tell the future and using teacups to find various shapes in the remaining tea still remains as the most popular and trusted method used all over the world. No matter what type of cup you use or what type of tea, you can read your own or someone else’s future easily and accurately with very little practice.


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